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About Us

Our Story


Born and raised in Pensacola, Fred Thibodeaux spent a lot of time at The Shopper: a local classified ads newspaper owned by his mother, Susan Thibodeaux.  After 44 years of being a staple publication of Pensacola, she decided to change the business and help him pursue his passion for brewing amazing craft beer.  As an avid fisherman and scuba diver, he wanted to bring his passions of brewing and the coastal scene together and offer a place for people to enjoy interesting food, craft beer, and a love of the outdoors. 

Meet the Brewer


Working for corporate was never my thing.  So, after deciding to quit my job, my mom suggested to just do what you love.  At the time, I had a strong passion for fishing and home brewing.  I decided to apply to Ragtime Tavern in Jacksonville, FL as a server who could occasionally spend time with the “brew master.”  After a year of learning the basics, I was offered an assistant brewery position at the sister company, Gordon Biersch Brewpub, specializing in German Lager beer in Glendale, Arizona.  I spent a lot of time learning about brewing, hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor survival.  I then decided to push further into production brewing and began working for The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery, which taught me about the finer points of brewing dark ale and barrel aging beers.  Then, I decided to move back to Florida to be near my family and the ocean.  I began working at Cigar City Brewing as a production brewer, where I quickly recognized the demand for great beer that focuses on the Florida lifestyle.  I was then hired at Wicked Barley Brewing to help them pursue their dream of running their own brewery, and it gave me the opportunity to teach other young brewers proper techniques for making great beer.  Seeing a small successful brewery open encouraged me to start my own brewery with my family in my hometown. 

A Destination Brewery


We want Coastal County Brewing to be a community brewery for family, friends, and conversation: a local spot to relax, talk about beer, and spend time playing games or throwing disc golf with your dogs.  We have over two acres of space, with a beautiful patio and a large beer garden for great music and entertainment.  There's always something to do at Coastal County while enjoying great beer and local food supplied by area food trucks or charcuterie plates from our in-house kitchen.